STEMLink Impact Report

STEMLink spelled out in navy and lime green with a stethoscope as the S and a test tube as the I

Each year, we survey students and teachers after they attend STEMLink. These are the combined evaluation results from Hennepin Technical College (April 21, 2023) and Normandale Community College (May 12, 2023):

two students building with cardboard box

On a scale of 1-5, 86% of students rated STEMLink as 4 or 5.

86% of students are more excited about STEM because of STEMLink.

97% said they were provided with real-world examples of STEM in a hands-on way.

73% were inspired to learn more about one or more careers in STEM.

Students learned…

man helping younger students with science project

“…that failure is a pillar of success!”

“…different ways to cook for free with solar energy.”

“…one change in one variable can change the whole outcome.”

“…how much waste and other bad things go into stormwater drains.”

“…that airports take a lot of hard work to run.”

“…woodworking uses math.”

Teachers said…

a student spraying microgreen seeds with water

“I can’t thank your team enough for this; this is really going to change things for some kids.”

“What a great opportunity to be able to offer our students things they would not normally have the chance to witness. The students could not stop talking about all the various learning they received in the sessions! The collaboration and connections made kept them engaged and enthused about what they were observing.”

“The hands-on projects were amazing. This was so much more than what I can do in my classroom.”

“The sessions were all great–so much hands-on. Students loved to walk away with things.”

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