Young Authors Conference Impact Report

2023 Young Au

Each year, we survey students and teachers after they attend the Young Authors Conference. These are the combined results that we produced from the 2023 conferences.

2023 YAC Stats:

2,649 Students            36 Presenters

From the 2023
March / May conferences:

Students sitting at desks looking at and listening to seated presenter
Close up of student seated at desk writing on paper, with several other students doing the same in the background

20% of students were in 4th grade, 38% in 5th grade, 16% in 6th grade, 15% in 7th grade, and 11% in 8th grade.

On a scale of 1-5, 90% of students rated Young Authors Conference as 4 or 5.

86% of students had never attended the Young Authors Conference and 94% of students that attended want to come back next year.

96% of students said the Young Authors Conference encouraged and challenged them to be better writers.

98% of students said the Young Authors Conference gave them new strategies, ideas, and skills to become better writers.

94% of students left the Young Authors Conference understanding that strong writing skills are important in life.

Students said…

Around 15 students working/writing at tables while a presenter speaks at the front of the classroom
Two students stand near table full of books at book fair with sign that says "Presenting Authors". Additional students peruse book fair in background.

“Thanks for the opportunity to learn about writing!”

“I loved the time I spent writing here!”

“Learning about cultural representation is very cool and I’m glad this gave me the opportunity to know more about how to use it.”

“I wish I could do all the different sessions!”

“It was really fun being a college student for a day!”

“This really got my mind thinking, thank you!”

“It was awesome and now I want to be an author.”

Teachers said…

Around 15 students seated at Open Mic session listening to student reading/presenting at front of room
About 10 students sitting at desks and listening to presenter standing at the front of the room

“My kids loved every session they went to!”

“I could not attend as many sessions as I desired! All 10 sessions I sampled were valuable.”

“Wonderful opportunity for kids – very well coordinated and great system for navigating a complicated building. Thank you!”

“Fabulous engagement from all the presenters – the keynote, and the sessions.”

“Speakers/authors were very engaging – you can tell they love what they do and love sharing it with the kids.”

“The kids were amazing – so creative and so brave to share their ideas, words, and stories! It’s truly inspiring!”

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