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(Formerly Success Beyond the Classroom)

There are common questions we all share—as parents, teachers, and education leaders. How do we stir the amazing potential within each child? And, as we do this, how can we positively shift how children see themselves in the world?

At SparkPath, we’ve had over three decades of actively answering these questions with remarkable results—impacting tens of thousands of students along the way. Our goal is to enlighten: both lighting up passions and lighting a path forward. It’s why every program we work on is designed to: 

• Accelerate discovery. 
• Ignite creativity. 
• Inspire confidence. 

Whether designing field trips that explore science in action, events that jump-start creativity, or academic competitions that get students thinking and working together, SparkPath gives students uniquely powerful springboards to real life. We rely on professionals who bring incredible energy to their passions. To that end, events such as the Young Authors Conference include thirty authors every year, opening doors to help students imagine their own next chapter.

For every child we engage, success beyond the classroom is at the core of our mission. We keep raising the bar in how we captivate students, helping to create the next generation of curious, confident, and able individuals ready for a world that needs their hearts and minds. 

Help us keep raising the bar

At SparkPath, we’re powered by two things.

First: volunteers. Let us know if you have an interest in helping fuel our success, and we’ll be in touch. We need people who are motivated and excited to help children, and no experience is necessary. Sign up to volunteer. 

Second: giving. One of our largest challenges is keeping our programs affordable to schools. It’s easy to make a donation today.

SparkPath is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that presents its programs in collaboration with BrightWorks (formerly Metro ECSU). BrightWorks member districts can participate in SparkPath programs at special member rates. For more information, visit www.brightworksmn.org.

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SparkPath is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that presents its programs in collaboration with BrightWorks, a Minnesota Service Cooperative. BrightWorks member districts/schools save 30-50% on SparkPath registration fees. For more information, visit www.brightworksmn.org.

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