Join us for an inspiring one-day field trip for students in grades 5-8 at the University of Minnesota’s Ted Mann Concert Hall. This event challenges your students’ creativity, strengthens their problem-solving skills, and ignites their imagination with three outstanding breakout sessions and a dynamic opening performance. Be a part of this exciting day that brings students together with STEM and arts professionals. This event aligns with Minnesota Academic Standards in Arts Education.


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BrightWorks Member: Early Bird $41/student
($43 after November 3)
Non-Member: Early Bird $55/student
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8:30am – 1:15pm
Ted Mann Concert Hall, University of Minnesota

At CreativeCon, students learn…

Creativity is a skill that can be practiced and strengthened.

Creativity is necessary for higher education and all careers.

Creativity is an essential part of problem solving.

2024 Opening Performance: Native Pride Dancers

Colorful regalia, pulsating drumming, and fancy footwork are part of the excitement of a Native American powwow. Feel this excitement and experience the artistry of The Native Pride Dancers as they perform flamboyant movements passed down by their ancestors thru song and dance. They strive to educate and entertain audiences of all ages throughout the world about the beauty, skill, and majesty of Native American music and dance while creating a moving artistic experience that engages the audience.

Native Pride dancers on stage

Past Sessions Included:

Asphalt Cookies

Get ‘Tooned

Introduction to Painting with Acrylic Paint

Introduction to Collage

Meditative Watercoloring

MNprov Recess – The Art of Improv

Neighborhood Bridges: Changing Our Story – Acting & Drama

Reverse Engineering Challenge

Rhythm Speaks: Sharing Stories Through Dance

The Science of Songwriting: Music Outside of the Box!


For more information about how your students can participate, or if you are interested in presenting, contact Madi Grove at 612-638-1514.

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