Senior High Knowledge Bowl

Metro Senior High Knowledge Bowl (SHKB) is a season of academic competitions where students answer questions about history, literature, mathematics, science, current events, and everything in between. Meets take place after school at high schools around the Twin Cities.

During a meet, teams of 5 students begin with the written round, where they work cooperatively to complete a multiple-choice test. Based on their team’s written round score, they’re placed into rooms where 3 teams of 4 students compete to answer questions read by a KB coach or volunteer.

Each school is guaranteed three meets during the Regular Season. The top 45 teams will qualify to compete at Subregionals and/or Regionals. The top 5 teams from Regionals will compete at the MN State KB Meet in April. SHKB aligns with Minnesota Academic Standards in Science, Math, Social Studies, and English Language Arts.


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2023 – 2024 Senior High Knowledge Bowl Meet Schedule

2023 – 2024 Senior High Knowledge Bowl Team Spread (posted after November 6th)

Scores & Rankings

The following score sheets will be live links to automatically update during each meet. Follow along from anywhere! If you get an error or are asked to sign into your Google account, it means that scores are currently being entered and will be updated soon.

After the meet is over, the score sheet will be posted in rank order.

Regular Season Meets

Meet 1.1 – December 7 – Academy of Holy Angels

Meet 1.2 – December 12 – Prior Lake HS

Meet 1.3 – December 14 – Spring Lake Park HS

Meet 2.1 – January 16 – Academy of Holy Angels

Meet 2.2 – January 18 – Spring Lake Park HS

Meet 2.3 – January 23 – Prior Lake HS

Meet 3.1 – January 30 – Spring Lake Park HS

Meet 3.2 – February 1 – Prior Lake HS

Meet 3.3 – February 6 – Academy of Holy Angels

Subregional Meet

Meet 4 – February 13 – Prior Lake HS

Norlander Regional Meet

Meet 5 – February 29 – North HS

State Meet

Meet 6 – April 11 & 12
Cragun’s Resort, Brainerd – AAA Division

Nationals Meet

Meet 7 – April 20 – Online via Discord


Thank you to our 2023-2024 sponsors for supporting Metro Knowledge Bowl!

If you would like to learn more about sponsoring a meet, please contact Madi Grove at 612-638-1514.

All Things SHKB (Handbook, Rules, Metro Directory, Equipment Order Form, etc.)

Senior High KB Practice Questions

2023 Metro Region State Competitors

four students smiling with 1st place trophy and ribbons
1st Place: Minnetonka High School “LBJPBJ”
6 students smiling with their 2nd place trophy and ribbons
2nd Place: Edina High School Jade
5 students smiling with 3rd place trophy, with two students hugging each other
3rd Place: Chanhassen High School “Human Beings”
5 students standing in a row and smiling with 4th place trophy and ribbons
4th Place: Prior Lake High School “Freshman Four”
5 students smiling with their 2nd place trophy and ribbons with one student biting their medal
5th Place: Chaska High School Purple”
5 boy standing in a row and smiling with their 6th place trophy and ribbons
3rd Place: Saint Thomas Academy  “Cropdusters”

Chris Lenius, this award’s namesake, once said that regardless of which school a player or coach comes from, they’re all our players and all our coaches. The Knowledge Bowl program is built by, and its value is reinforced by, its players. This award is voted on all season, then granted by an anonymous donor to the team that best exemplifies sportspersonship, a competitive spirit, and the love of the game.

students with award plaque
2022-2023 Recipients:
St. Anthony Village High School – Tea Sippers

Past Recipients

2021-2022: Waconia High School – Gorls

2020-2021: Chaska High School – Purple

2019-2020: Prior Lake High School – Single Mom


Contact Madi Grove at 612-638-1514 about Knowledge Bowl for grades 9-12.

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