Knowledge Bowl

Metro Knowledge Bowl (KB) is a season of academic competitions where students answer questions about history, literature, mathematics, science, current events, and everything in between. Meets take place after school at middle/high schools around the Twin Cities.

During a meet, teams of 5 students (6 for Middle Grades KB) begin with the written round, where they work cooperatively to complete a multiple-choice test. Based on their team’s written round score, they’re placed into rooms where teams of 4 students (5 for Middle Grades KB) face off against 2 other teams to answer questions read by a KB coach or volunteer.

The first Knowledge Bowl season in Minnesota launched in 1979. What once started out with only eight schools participating has now grown to over 290 schools throughout the nine Minnesota Service Cooperatives across the state!


Apply strategic thinking and deductive reasoning.

Are challenged to develop their interpersonal skills: confidence, sportspersonship, and leadership.

Communicate effectively and must work together in order to be successful.


Middle Grades KB: Katie Wenzel / 612-638-1554
Senior High KB: Madi Grove / 612-638-1514

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